Old version of status message has given back by the messenger application

We know WhatsApp play an important function among the youngsters even the old people also using it and therefore it take part in the sharing of information from one to other at any part of the world. Therefore we can say that the people are enjoying with this application. We know that the WhatsApp application has to update the feature day by day for the user to fulfill their need. Likewise last month the application updated the service with the new feature called WhatsApp story that will disable within 24 hours and therefore this new feature failed to capture the attentions among the user and everyone are missing the old version. Now the Whatsapp service is planned to update the service with both new and old feature in it.

What new with it?

WhatsApp is creating an extreme change in update to its application, change it for the first time into an application for indifferently consuming the content which is similar to the way of the people which scroll via their Facebook app or an Instagram application newsfeeds   and therefore it is a move that could beyond any doubt usher that is who guides others to place in a money-making system like an advertise.

the new Status feature of the WhatsApp application, being given up on the first day of the week, will let users can share the photos, GIFs or any videos cover with drawings, emojis characters and a caption that will be shown to your contact and the advantages is you can select the friends for the status privacy and therefore the status will disappear after a android & ios mobile application development company in chennai day.

If this new feature is familiar, that is because it exactly looks like a hugely successful Stories feature of the Snapchat application which is launched before three years, which lets the customers can share similarly for a momentary in the timelines stories.

The move likely to happen and it should not be surprising to the user. Facebook application, which owns the WhatsApp, saw its other social media owner Instagram gives up a clone of Stories in the last summer and therefore it also called as Stories. A speaker for the Snapchat could not be arriving at for comment at the time of writing the stories.

Similarity between Facebook and WhatsApp

Before a week, Facebook declared that it would be adjoining its stories feature to the application, and therefore removing the text statuses at the similar time. It brought the WhatsApp application in line with its other important apps, which all now contain the stories tool which was once a most famous feature of the Snapchat application.

But without any delay, the backlash has led the WhatsApp application to move the change back to the feature and therefore include the text statuses that had been a part of the application since its start of a new feature, and have now been eliminated. Stories will begin again to exist in the application, but they will work near side of the classical text updates.

Bringing back the text status feature:

An instant messaging application like WhatsApp is caring back the old text status feature in the app, which had been eliminated in the favor of a photo and the video-based Status feature in the month of February. The new update of the app, giving up for the Android phones now, re-adds the text-based updates as well in the app.

Once you download the updated app on your mobile phone just open the WhatsApp and jus hold on the Settings option inside it, head to the About and the phone number portion and fix a text status just as you which is used to before. You can fix a text-based status, or any choose from default status choice such as Available, at work and urgently call only likewise.

Therefore the Status feature of the WhatsApp which had rolled out in the month of February had an unusual similarity with the rival messaging application like Stories of Snapchat, which granted the users to share the photos, animated GIFs images or any short videos cover with the text, scribbles, doodles and even an emojis character which would be shown to friends whom you share with, for 24 hours and it will disappear automatically. Still, not everyone was a fan of this feature, and therefore many users choose the older feature of the app. Now, the both options will be used in the sync, and a user can choose the one what they like to prefer.

Active users:

WhatsApp is by deep the most famous instant messaging service app for the mobile phones universally. According to the new numbers by the research company Statist, as of the month of January in the year of 2017, WhatsApp has 1.3 billion users which are active universally. This is a steady rise from 670 million active customers the instant messenger had at the similar time last year. Adversary app such as WeChat having 846 million, Snapchat having 300 million active users and the Skype having more than 300 million are far following the service, and the only real rival of WhatsApp app is Facebook and this app own messenger, which has about 1 billion users are an inactive condition.

How to get the old version:

With the Status feature of the app, this is view as a separate tab in the application, people who can share the GIF, videos, and pictures with their contacts whom they want to show. This is a more that the Facebook app and the Instagram-like specification. Also, just like the Stories of Snapchat, the stories which are a post by the user will disappear after 24 hours from the WhatsApp application.

After all, the Status feature does not grant to post the textual messages and the feature received the mixed reactions from the people who use it with many sadness and therefore criticizing the firm for the move of the new feature. The firm eventually brought back the old status specification in the app for the user.

Now the application runs with the both old and new status characteristics. The old feature is back to the app but with an oddity in it. The twist is the path you can now set up your status in the app and earlier there was a loyal tab which is named as the Status where you could go to the settings and set you to seek status message in it. But the process is different and while you have to understand the process of the new version of the WhatsApp application and this is for those who have no idea to set the status in the app and therefore the process of it is given below:

Just pat on the three dotted icons which are present on the top right corner of the app and therefore go to Settings.

Tap on your profile picture of your account.

You will see an option in the app called About and phone number. Tap on the text under the tab and click it.

Tap on the pencil icon in the app and just write your status in it or choose the default status.

This new feature of WhatsApp is rolling out on the android version and therefore and you can download from the play store or an app store. The similar update will be making use for the Apple’s iPhones user soon.